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n the battle Asura flash empty peerless agility. There are so magic ice female assistance, she can not even attacking each other. Beidoushenquan power horrible, and such a battle. You can not use recovery agents. Tomoyo semifinal battle in the imperial force is defeated, Wang Ling although some pity. But not unexpected, the team s biggest problem is blood. The world is experiencing the CIW Certified Instructor it exam story too, heritage inadequate. Some of the top strong, powerful team than the members of the blood, can also be understood. Sue and Angela, have been eliminated on the game, but this game, Hakuho still won the battle, the former imperial body finals and will compete for the CIW Certified Instructor title of Holy Cross Mission. As for the freedom of the Spirit Master group dream, successfully passed the imperial hegemony intellectual semifinals, final, will play against Skull and Bones original Chi Huang. As for Wang Ling last opponent, intelligence obtained, the captain is the dream team of Chen Yuhui. Tomoyo battle failed, but the awakening of Asura flash space, but also CIW Certification a great harvest, and she wasted no time to free market entertainment district scurry, but ready to retreat, to digest the experience of the game, do not let Wang Lingan heart less. One can imagine that the free market is now definitely talking, the mother of Cain would be a big trouble if Tomoyo out to hear what not to listen to, it.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1D0-441 CIW DATABASE SPECIALIST CIW CIW Certified Instructor
1D0-51A CIW Internet Business Associate CIW CIW Certified Instructor
1D0-51C CIW Network Technology Associate CIW CIW Certified Instructor
1D0-635 CIW JavaScript Specialist CIW CIW Certified Instructor
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